Yoga Myanmar


Deep dive into yoga as a lifestyle with Kathy Gabriel and Julie Moksim

Thursday June 11 -  Tuesday June 15, 2020


For Inspired Yogis Looking to Fill their Cup and Make an Impact In the World

Live Your Yoga is about taking the inspiration of our yoga practice off the mat and into a real-life experience of how we can make an impact in the world. Yoga teaches us about self-awareness, and self-love, but it also teaches us about selflessness, and how a simple act of giving can transcend the barriers of language, culture, and religion, to create a world that is kinder, and that opens possibilities to all. 


On this retreat, Kathy Gabriel and Julie Moksim will be your guides in taking what has inspired you through yoga to a small, charming village on the banks of Myanmar’s famed Inle Lake. This off-the-beaten path community is already a part of Kathy’s Seva Seed initiative, which has empowered women by teaching them how to sew their own reusable pads, and employed them in the continued effort to impact the dialogue on women’s menstrual health in developing countries.     


Daily yoga practices and workshops will focus on intention and purpose, and we will be making frequent visits to the village to teach and practice yoga, as well as to strengthen Seva Seed’s community outreach program in Phayartaung Village. A retreat that weaves together the work of yoga into a practice of self love and service to others.

What to expect

  • Daily morning pranayama and meditation

  • Daily morning vinyasa practice

  • Community tie-up through Seva Seed focused on women's empowerment

  • Re-usable pad-making workshop with women in the village

  • Educational session with local women on women's health practices

  • Sharing basic yoga practice with the local community

  • Afternoon workshop on applied yoga philosophy and purpose

  • Afternoon workshop on the art of balancing (giving and receiving)

  • Gentle and restorative yoga

  • Singing bowl sound baths

About Seva Seed


Seva Seed is a women-led social initiative run by a volunteer community of empowered women & men in Singapore. Seva Seed's goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices in a healthy and environmentally sustainable way.

Seva Seed hopes to empower young women of all ages from around the world with the skills to sew their own reusable cloth pads as well as provide menstrual health education to create an open dialogue about the topic in underprivileged countries.

To learn more about Seva Seed, visit their website.

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